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Registration form for Ukrainians to participate in supporting programs is here.

Which documents to citizen of Ukraine need to enter Georgia?

A citizen of Ukraine may enter Georgia with a valid passport or other identity document. If you do not
have any documents, you can bring even inactive or damaged copies or photos of the documents.

Will citizens without identity documents be allowed into Georgia?

As of today, citizens traveling without a valid travel document are also allowed to enter. If you are
traveling with children, it is recommended to have at least birth certificate of the child.
Those who do not have a valid passport are advised to bring any identity document. However, even
the absence of such documents is not an obstacle for Ukrainian citizens to enter Georgia. If you
dealing with such case, please consult the Patrol Police Department (032) 241-42-42 in advance.

How long can a Ukrainian citizen stay in Georgia after entering the country?

Citizens of Ukraine can enter Georgia without a visa and stay in the country for 1 full year. For
further information, please visit the consulate’s website: https://geoconsul.gov.ge/en.

To whom should a citizen of Ukraine apply for refugee status?

Citizens of Ukraine seeking asylum (international protection) have the right to apply to any
governmental agency. They can make either a written request for asylum in Georgia at the state
border, or in the International Protection Department of the Migration Department of the Ministry of
Internal Affairs of Georgia.
Contact information:

  • Phone number: (+995) 598 08 00 97.
  • Address: Georgia, Tbilisi, st. Mikheil Gakhokidze, 16.
  • Reception hours: Monday – Friday / 9: 00-18: 00.
  • Email: dipi@mia.gov.ge.

Refugee or humanitarian status is not a barrier to travel abroad. Also, at any time, a person can withdraw his / her application for asylum or apply for suspension of refugee or humanitarian status.

Does a citizen of Ukraine have the right to work in Georgia?

A foreign (Ukrainian) citizen has the right to be employed in any position (except civil service) on the
basis of a contract or agreement.
Job openings for Ukrainian refugees are available on the following websites:




Can Ukrainian citizens continue their education in Georgian schools?

According to the decision of the Government of Georgia, as a result of the invasion of Ukraine on
February 24, 2022, students who are unable to continue their education in Ukrainian schools and
who wish to continue their education in Georgia will be enrolled in schools under a simplified
procedure. Students can be enrolled in the same grade they studied in secondary school of Ukraine
until February 24, 2022.
Detailed information is available by calling the hotline of the Ministry of Education: (995 32) 2 200 220.