Application for asylum in Georgia - Razom

If you need asylum (international protection), you have the right to apply to any government agency or make a written request for asylum in Georgia at the state border, or in the International Protection Department of the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

Upon completion of the asylum procedure, you will be granted refugee status or humanitarian status, or you may be denied such status.

Note. Refugee or humanitarian status is not a barrier to travel abroad. Also, at any time, a person may withdraw his / her application for asylum or apply for suspension of refugee or humanitarian status.

The Department is the main government body responsible for asylum procedures and the registration of asylum seekers.

Phone number: (+995) 598 08 00 97.

Address: Georgia, Tbilisi, st. Mikheil Gakhokidze, 16.

Reception hours: Monday – Friday / 9: 00-18: 00.


More information on rights and responsibilities is available at: .

More information on the legal regulation of asylum can be found at: .

Source: UNHCR

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