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Kindergartens in Tbilisi

Ukrainian families affected by the war can take preschool children to kindergartens in Tbilisi. In the selection process, priority will be given to Ukrainian children, and kindergartens will accept them free of charge.

Web page:

School education

Citizens of Ukraine are enrolled in schools throughout Georgia in a simplified manner. Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia %E1%83%99%E1%83%A0%E1%83%90%E1%83%98%E1%83%9C%E1%83%90&id=12850&lang=geo

Hotline: (995 32) 2 200 220

The Ukrainian sector has opened in Tbilisi Public School №41

“School of Tomorrow”

offers free tuition to refugee students from Ukraine in the spring semester of this year. Contact phone: 032 223 31 99 Facebook-

Newton Free School accepts Ukrainian students for free

Newton Free School offers free education to students from Ukraine in 9th, 10th and 11th grades. The language of instruction is English.

From the first to the 8th grade, the school has only the Georgian-speaking sector, but given the number of applicants, the school is ready to consider opening new English-speaking groups for these. Interested persons should fill in the application at the following link: Contact telephones: +995570 70 50 80, +995570 70 50 90.

Higher education


– will fully finance the education of Ukrainian students! Ukrainian students will be able to study in the current English-language master’s programs GIPA.

Ukrainian students will continue their studies at New Vision University for free

New Vision University offers Ukrainian students to continue their studies until the end of hostilities in Ukraine and the full resumption of the educational process.

Kutaisi International University exempts Ukrainian students from paying tuition

Citizens of Ukraine who study or successfully enter Kutaisi International University will be fully funded for the 2022-2023 academic year. In the current academic year, the university will accept students for the following undergraduate programs: “Computer Science”, “Management” and “Mathematics”.

Web page:

Ukrainian students or entrants with refugee status who will transfer or successfully enroll in Sukhum State University

SDU will fully finance the cost of education for the 2022-2023 academic year from the university budget.

Contact phone: +995577 17 07 40

Different courses

Babbel and Busuu online platforms offer 3-month free courses in English, German, French and other languages ​​especially for Ukrainian citizens.

Classes are held remotely.

Babbel registration:

Busuu registration:

Free Georgian language courses at the OK Education Center

OK Educational Center offers free Georgian language courses for IDPs from Ukraine. Classes are held for both adults and children.

Contact phone: +995591510044 (Viber)

Free online courses at Genius Space

Genius Space offers Ukrainians free learning of new professions. With the help of the platform it is possible to take courses in marketing, project management, web design, sales management and other useful online courses. Some courses are conducted in Ukrainian. Some courses are conducted in Ukrainian.

For more information, visit:

Applying form for Ukrainians to participate in supporting programs:

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