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Holoseum Audiovisual Museum will host Ukrainian children

Holoseum Audiovisual Museum invites Ukrainian children. Visitors are given the opportunity to visit the museum as part of the “Pay as much as you want” campaign. The visitor pays any amount, even 1 GEL, and has the opportunity to see a digital exhibition of famous paintings. An exhibition of Nico Pirosmani’s paintings is currently being held at the museum.

The Holoseum is open daily from 11:00 to 21:00.

Address: Tbilisi, st. Bethlehem №10.

Tbilisi Digital Space – serves citizens of Ukraine for free

In the coming months, Tbilisi Digital Space invites Ukrainian citizens and children to a free exhibition.

Tbilisi Digital Space is a museum that hosts a daily exhibition of world art in digital format. Young Ukrainians will also have the opportunity to see an exhibition of the underwater world and galaxies on big screens.

The museum is located in Tbilisi, at: Tbilisi Mall, 3rd floor.

Contact phone +99557700075.

Celero Football School will accept Ukrainian children free of charge

Celero Football School will accept Ukrainian children free of charge for classes in appropriate age groups.

Contact phone: +995551 00 55 50.

Free visit to the Batumi Botanical Garden for the citizens of Ukraine

On the first day of each month, visiting the Batumi Botanical Garden is free for citizens of Ukraine. A passport of a citizen of Ukraine must be submitted at the box office.

Address: Batumi, Cape Verde.

Phone: 0422 27 00 33.

Applying form for Ukrainians to participate in supporting programs:

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