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Health Insurance

• Free health insurance from ARDI for citizens of Ukraine Web page:

• Free health insurance from TIBISI INSURANCE Website:


Some medical services for Ukrainian citizens are funded by the state. There is a special hotline 144-3 for Ukrainian citizens, which now provides medical services, collects information about their other needs and sends it to the relevant services.

Evex Clinics

– Citizens of Ukraine who remained in Georgia will be able to call the Evex call center on 0322550505, dial the internal number 3 and talk to the operator in Ukrainian from March 2.

• Web page:–ukrainis-moqalaqeebs–medichnapdtrimka-gosptalei-eveks-gromadyanam-ukrani/214. At the same time, Evex Hospitals – it is possible to receive free medical services throughout Georgia in all 18 hospitals in the network.

• Caucasian Medical Center (Tbilisi, 23 Kavtaradze Street);

• Tbilisi University Hospital named after Ivan Bokeri (Tbilisi, 1 Kindzmaraulska Street, Lane 1);

• Karaps Medline (Tbilisi, 48 Ljubljana Street);

• Tbilisi Central Hospital named after M. Iashvili (Tbilisi, 13/6 Ljubljana Street);

• I. Tsitsishvili Children’s Clinic (Tbilisi, 21 Ljubljana Street);

• Traumatology Hospital (Tbilisi, 21 Ljubljana Street)

Regional hospitals:

Kutaisi, Batumi, Zugdidi, Telavi, Akhaltsikhe, Poti, Hashuri, Kobuleti, Akhalkalaki.

Evex Clinics Physician consultation and emergency outpatient services free of charge throughout Georgia.

List and addresses of clinics:

  • Isani Polyclinic – Tbilisi, 69 Ketevan Tsamebuli Ave.
  • Gldani Polyclinic – Tbilisi, I Gldani District, near the cartographic factory;
  • 7 – Didube Polyclinic – Tbilisi, 141A Akaki Tsereteli Avenue.
  • Polyclinic Varketili – Tbilisi, st. Javakheti 30;
  • Didi Digomi Polyclinic – Tbilisi, vul. Petritsi 16

Regional hospitals:

Kutaisi, Chakvi, Telavi, Zugdidi, Batumi, Poti, Chhorotsk, Martvili, Tsalenjiha, Abasha, Tskhaltubo, Tkibuli, Honi, Ahmet, Kvareli, Keda, Shuahevi, Hulo, Ninotsminda, Adigeni, Terjola.

Simon Hechinashvili University Clinic

– free emergency medical care. Address: Tbilisi, Ilya Chavchavadze Avenue # 33

Joe Hospitals

– Free emergency medical care and doctor’s consultation.

Regional hospitals:

Imereti (Kutaisi, Vani, Chiatura, Zestafoni, Samtredia, Baghdadi, Honi) , Marneuli) There is a 24-hour hotline – 0322505222

Jersey Clinic

– free emergency / scheduled outpatient services: diagnostics, consultation with specialists, laboratory tests, minor surgeries. Address: Tbilisi, st. Muhiani 2A, 0167

Aversi Clinic

– free emergency care throughout the network and a doctor’s consultation.

Branch addresses:

• Central Branch – Tbilisi, Vazha-Pshavela Avenue №27B;

• Isani Branch – Tbilisi, st. Navtlugska 11/13;

• B. Khmelnytsky Branch – Tbilisi, 153A Gabriel Avenue;

• Temka Branch – Tbilisi, Temka Village, 3 m / rn, quarter 3, N43;

• Branch N1 Marneuli – Marneuli, st. May 26;

• Branch N2 Marneuli – Marneuli, st. Sulhan-Saba 58;

• Telavi Branch – Telavi, st. V. Sekhniashvili 3;

• Branch N1 Rustavi – Rustavi, st. Meshishvili 3A;

• Branch N2 Rustavi – Rustavi, st. Meshishvili 5;

• Branch N1 Gori – Gori, Tskhinvali highway 12;

• Branch N2 Gori – Gori, st. Samepo 78

Tel .: +995 032 2 500 700

Vivo Medical Group

– outpatient, inpatient services, free scheduled emergency services throughout the network

1. Tbilisi Central Hospital – address: Tbilisi, st. Chachava №1;

2. Cardiovascular Center named after Bohua – address: Tbilisi, st. Chachava №1;

3. Jordan Clinic – address: Tbilisi, st. Chachava №1; street I. Abashidze №65

4. Inova – address: the first lane Z. Anzhaparidze №6 (former Sandro Euli Street)

New Hospitals

– Scheduled outpatient services with a 20% discount, emergencies – free. Address: and. Tbilisi, street Mole # 12, 0162

Tbilisi Heart Center

– free outpatient services. Address: Tbilisi, Vazha-Pshavela Avenue 83/11

Mzer Clinic

– Mzera offers free medical services to all citizens of Ukraine who are in Georgia. Telephone for communication 032 277 55 88.

Joe Ann Medical Center

– Joe Ann Medical Center offers Ukrainian
Free medical services for Georgians, including cardiologist consultations and a wide range of research. Phone: 032 2 22 22 11

Madison Outpatient Network

– offers citizens of Ukraine free medical services in the form of outpatient examinations and doctor’s consultations. Contact phone: 032 247 06 06

Georgian-Italian Clinic of David Abuladze

provides free medical services to citizens of Ukraine. 032 2 40 27 27; 032 2 40 28 28; +995593 40 28 28.

Consul Medulla

– Ukrainian refugees will be able to receive free outpatient services – doctor’s consultation for patients with chronic diseases, free medical supervision, radiological and laboratory tests – free of charge; other services – with a 20% discount. Address: Tbilisi, st. A. Politkovskaya G6G; phone: 032 212 20 02.

National Screening Center

– free research at the National Screening Center. Phone: 032 220 35 35.

Free HIV treatment

prevention, testing, methadone replacement therapy. Phone – 0322 47 97 48


– offers free medical services to citizens of Ukraine who are in Georgia. Phone: +995 596345050

Laboratory services

Megalab Laboratory offers the following free services to Ukrainian citizens staying in Georgia:

Facebook – posts / 998516304376681

Dental services:

• Urgent dental services at Blitz-Dental Clinics Facebook –

• Urgent dental services at Hebe Clinics Facebook –

• Urgent dental services at Dance Clinics Facebook –

• Urgent dental services at Dental L2 Clinics Facebook –

• Urgent dental services at Dentoni Clinics Facebook –

• Urgent dental services at Dentex-95 clinics on Facebook –

• Urgent dental services at Neodent Clinics Facebook –

Obstetrics and pediatrics

Hera 2011 Clinic provides the following free medical services to the citizens of Ukraine:

• Obstetrics;

• Pediatrics;

• Outpatient services; Phone: 032 2 25 29 21

– Citizens of Ukraine will be able to receive free medical care in the field of obstetrics and gynecology from doctors of the clinic. Phone: 032 242 42 52.

Gaga Clinic

provides free medical gynecological services to citizens of Ukraine. Phone: 032 253 22 21

Imedi Clinic

– Maternity hospital and pediatric clinic “Imedi” offers Ukrainian women and children in Georgia free various medical services. Phone: 032223-84-80.

Pineo Medical Ecosystem

offers free medical services to Ukrainian citizens staying in Georgia. Phone: 032 2 24 44 55.

In Vitro Clinic

offers citizens of Ukraine in Batumi free consultations with a gynecologist-reproductologist and ultrasound examination. Contact phone: +995 599 27 52 44.

Mziuri Medi

– Mziuri Media Medical Center provides free medical services and necessary laboratory tests to Ukrainian children in Georgia. Phone: +995599 43 41 88.

Evex Clinics

– free pediatric services. The 24-hour hotline 0322 600 600 operates especially for the citizens of Ukraine.

Pediatric Clinic MMedi 22

– Free consultations and research for children and adolescents from 0 to 18 years. Address: Tbilisi, st. Guramishvili №31

Psychological help

Society of Psychiatrists of Georgia

– The Society of Psychiatrists of Georgia offers free consultations to a citizen of Ukraine who are in Georgia. Working languages: Georgian, Russian and English. Remote consultations are available for people staying in Ukraine. Web page:

“House of Therapy”

– free medical and psychological consultations for Ukrainian children. Hotline: 0322 011330

Georgian-German Center for Integrative Medicine “Therapy House” and its pediatrician – Ms. Leah Bugadze Announces a charity event for children of refugees from Ukraine.

Applying form for Ukrainians to participate in supporting programs:

    Надсилаючи цю форму, ви підтверджуєте свою згоду
    з нашою Політикою конфіденційності