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Georgian Railway

– Georgian Railways provides citizens of Ukraine with free travel on any flight throughout the country.

Interested persons should apply for a ticket to any ticket office of the Georgian Railway and submit a passport of a citizen of Ukraine.–a3PN8

Free travel in Tbilisi from Avtobas

Avtobas provides free transportation of Ukrainian citizens to Georgia from Tbilisi airport to the desired address in Tbilisi and back.

Contact Avtobas at +995 322 999 222.

Free travel on the Tbilisi-Batumi route by Metro Georgia bus

Citizens of Ukraine staying in Georgia can travel free of charge from Batumi to Tbilisi and from Tbilisi to Batumi by Metro Georgia bus.

Phone: +995422242244.

Applying form for Ukrainians to participate in supporting programs:

    Надсилаючи цю форму, ви підтверджуєте свою згоду
    з нашою Політикою конфіденційності