The UNHCR Representation in Georgia would like to inform Ukrainians refugees - Razom

‼️The UNHCR Representation in Georgia would like to inform Ukrainians refugees in Georgia about its on-going cash assistance programme for vulnerable refugees and those with specific needs.
🔹This supports and complements the Government’s assistance scheme for those Ukrainians being asked to move out from state-funded hotel accommodation.
🔹Our scheme is not limited to those in state-funded hotels, but also available for Ukrainians with protection needs who currently live in other accommodation in Georgia.
🔹 It is aligned to UNHCR’s cash assistance programme for asylum-seekers and refugees in Georgia of other nationalities, which is based on the same vulnerability criteria.
🔹Since January 2022, UNHCR has been helping more than 650 refugees with specific protection needs through the cash programme, including over 500 Ukrainians.
🔹 The cash assistance funded by UNHCR is being managed by our partner “World Vision Georgia” who also bring additional funding to expand the number of families supported overall.
🔹 To complement the 3 months of state support to Ukrainians of 300 GEL (per family) + 45 GEL (per individual) support offered, and at the request of the Government, UNHCR jointly with World Vision will provide 235 GEL per person per month for a minimum 2 month period to individuals considered eligible according to agreed vulnerability criteria.
‼️All cash assistance applications should be submitted to World Vision Georgia at +995 577 045645 or +995 577 258479, on weekdays.
🔹Living in hotel accommodation in the longer term is neither sustainable for the host government nor for refugee families. Providing cash assistance offers the flexibility for people to move freely and spread out from expensive city centres.
🔹This approach is used in other countries receiving large numbers of refugees.
The Georgian Government’s level of assistance is similar to that offered to internally displaced persons in the country.
🔹Significant rises in the cost of living make it very difficult particularly for refugees to manage on this support alone, which is why the international community will contribute and complement these efforts, to support new refugee arrivals in the country.
🔹Our support is limited to those with specific vulnerabilities and protection needs. For the majority of people, it will be important, with time, to find work and become self-reliant in Georgia.
🔹For refugees, identifying a suitable location and finding affordable accommodation, jobs and schools is a challenge. We are trying to assist people, in partnership with World Vision and other international and local partners, and in close collaboration with central Government and municipalities.
🔹We will advocate for more resources as the situation evolves. We are present through World Vision and refugee community group facilitators in Kutaisi and Batumi as well as in Tbilisi.
‼️For questions, please contact the UNHCR hotline at + 995 32 2185123 on weekdays during working hours.