Ukraine is the focus of the Tbilisi Photo Festival 2022 - Razom

The 13th Tbilisi Photo Festival will open on September 23. The central part of the program includes two exhibitions:

The documentary photo project of the Polish photographer Yustyna Melnykiewicz “Ukraine flows between the shores”, which is an in-depth study of modern Ukraine from 2014 to today;

Ukrainian artists Andrii Dostlev and Liya Dostlev’s conceptual photo project “Healing Scars from Wounds” is a documentation of ongoing activities over a 5-year period (2016-2021) that is an attempt to understand and reconcile the traumas of war.

The central exhibitions of the Tbilisi Photo Festival will be held at the Tbilisi Museum of Photography and Multimedia from September 23 to November 5. Address: Merab Kostava 14.

The authors of both exhibitions will visit the opening of the festival.

See the full program of the festival at the link