What documents will be needed to enter different countries - all information in one table - Razom

Prepared with information from Motskaleba Foundation 

We offer a table that indicates with which document citizens of Ukraine can enter which country.

CountryDomestic passport/ID card onlyOnly internal passport + white passport Old foreign passport without visa Foreign biometric passport without a visa Additional Information
TurkeyEntry from Georgia is possible. This is decided individually++
Bosnia and Herzegovina++
BelgiumFrom EU countries+For more information, see via the link  https://dopomoga.ge/Home/PostInternalPage/581
HungaryFrom EU countries+
IrelandPerhapsPerhapsPerhapsPerhapsAt the request of the Irish government, airlines accept any document that can be used to confirm the identity of a citizen of Ukraine. If you encounter a problem, please contact Border Management at BMU@justice.ie For more information see via the link https://dopomoga.ge/Home/PostInternalPage/579
Germany++Simplified rules apply to Ukrainians of German and Jewish origin. See via the link  https://dopomoga.ge/Home/PostInternalPage/463


GreeceFrom EU countries+
DenmarkFrom EU countries+
IcelandFrom EU countries+
SpainFrom EU countries+
ItalyFrom EU countries+For more information, see via the link  https://dopomoga.ge/Home/PostInternalPage/580
LatviaFrom EU countries+
LithuaniaFrom EU countries+
EstoniaFrom EU countries+
LiechtensteinFrom EU countries+
LuxembourgFrom EU countries+
MaltaFrom EU countries+
NetherlandsFrom EU countries+
NorwayFrom EU countries+
PolandPerhapsPerhapsPerhaps+The issue is resolved individually. Consult the consulate. See via the link  https://dopomoga.ge/Home/PostInternalPage/460
PortugalFrom EU countries+
SlovakiaFrom EU countries+
SloveniaFrom EU countries+
FinlandFrom EU countries+
FranceFrom EU countries+
Czech RepublicPerhapsPerhapsPerhaps+The issue is resolved individually. Consult the consulate. See via the link  https://dopomoga.ge/Home/PostInternalPage/647
SwitzerlandPerhapsPerhapsMaybe+The issue is resolved individually. Consult the consulate. Address: Tbilisi, Krtsanisi Street 11, phone: +995 322753001, e-mail:  tif.vertretung@eda.admin.ch or  tif.visatiflis@eda.admin.ch
SwedenPerhapsPerhapsPerhaps+The issue is resolved individually. Consult the consulate. See via the link  https://dopomoga.ge/Home/PostInternalPage/646
Great BritainA simplified visa is issued. See via the link  https://dopomoga.ge/Home/PostInternalPage/461
USAA special visa is issued. See via the link  https://dopomoga.ge/Home/PostInternalPage/644
CanadaA free visa is issued under the CUAET program. See via the link  https://dopomoga.ge/Home/PostInternalPage/464
Dominican Republic++
Sri Lanka++
Other countriesA visa is required